Founder | Chunhua Liu | 刘春华

Founder of David USA Education

Chunhua Liu | 刘春华 (AKA Brian Liu) majored in English at Chaozhou Normal University located in Chaozhou, Guangdong, China in 1984. He was admitted to Foreign Language Department at South China Normal University in 1986 due to his excellant academic performance as a freshman and sophmore and earned his Bachalor of Arts degree in English Language andLiterature. He graduated with academic honors and stayed as a teacher from 88 to 93 . He continued his pursuit of higher education and, in 1993, was enrolled in University of Nebraska in Omaha(UNO), USA, obtained a scholarship while working as a Research Assistant and earned his Master of Public Administration degree in 95. He was International Sales Coordinator in charge of Asia markets primarily in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong while he worked at MEMCON Corp in 95-97 and was Import Manager for Sampson Corp from 1997 to 2003. He obtained his permanent residence in the US in 2003 and started his own business LIU & DB ENTERPRISES, INC. with his wife Belinda Jiang Liu.

Chunhua Liu and Qunfang (Belinda) Jiang

He steers his company in a good path of growth as president in sales & marketing from day one LDB was founded. CD/DVD packaging and electronics testing and measurements products are all popular with many customers in the US and overseas. Quality Product, Top Notch Service, Competitive Pricing are three pillars that guide LDB’s sales and marketing strategies. In 2007, he invested and purchased a 32,000 square feet corporate building in Lavista, Nebraska to accomodate his business growth. LDB was awarded
” Importer of the Year” Finalist by Midwest International Trade Association (MITA) in 2005, was 2005 Better Business Bureau( BBB )Integrity Award receipient, 2007 Biggest Minority Owned Business in Omaha chosen by Midwest Business Journel (MBJ), Corporate Member of Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, IDDA, ITEX, TRADEBANK, EBAY Gold & Silver Power seller.. and LDB was featured on MBJ more than once. He was invited to the Omaha Tennis Association (OTA) board in 2007 and became Vice President of OTA in 2008-2009 and Chair of Junior Committee from 2007 to 2010. He is also Advisory Board member of Omaha Chinese Culture Association (OCCA) and Co-Chair of Sponsor Committee. He continues to be involved in his communities and plays a good role while managing his business. Mr. Liu has three children, David (18), Brianna(12) and Alex(5) with his wife Belinda Jiang Liu. They spent hundred’s of hours on the tennis courts in the last 9 years. Their oldest son David Liu who has trained at Faust Academy since he was age of 7 and reached No. 2 in the US ranking when he was 12 and received a full scholarship to train at a Newcombe tennis academy in Texas for 18 months. He is going to play for Maroon at University of Chicago. Brianna is also a good player that has won a couple of Girl 10 regional tournaments and “2011 Missouri Valley Sportsmanship Award” winner.