Skutt Catholic High School

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Skutt Catholic High School
3131 S 156th Street
Omaha, NE 68130 USA
TEL: 402-333-0818

Our mission V.J. & Angela Skutt Catholic High School forms and educates young men and women to become Christian leaders who empower others, promote justice, and initiate change.

We believe that V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School…

  • Provides a Spiritual Anchor to assist students in modeling their lives within the Roman Catholic tradition according to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.
  • Develops Christian Character through practicing the skills of self-discipline, individual conscience, and critical thinking when making decisions as a moral Christian and as a good citizen.
  • Prepares for Post-Secondary Success by providing students a rigorous college-prep curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, and an opportunity to earn college credits.
  • Inspires Moral and Ethical Leadership by not only educating, but also requiring students to provide service to, embrace diversity within, and seek justice for their communities and the marginalized in our society.
  • Endorses a Co-Educational Academic Environment that exemplifies a real-world, life-long learning environment wherein a Christian’s respect of self and others becomes the foundation for promoting self worth and service to school and community.
  • Educates the Whole Person – Body, Mind, and Spirit by providing a variety of extra-curricular activities to assist students in building a foundation for generating personal, physical, academic, emotional, and spiritual well-being.



All graduates of V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School will:

Follow the teachings of Jesus in the context of the community of the Church

  1. Discern one’s vocation in response to God’s call
  2. Know how to pray
  3. Participate in the life of the Church

Practice a code of moral behavior based on the principals of Catholic Christian beliefs

  1. Respect and value the gift of life
  2. Obey the civil laws of society
  3. Respond to the needs of the marginalized in our community
  4. Serve as good stewards of the environment

Strive for intellectual excellence and academic achievement

  1. Demonstrate critical thinking and decision-making skills
  2. Work effectively both cooperatively and independently
  3. Develop a self-disciplined approach to learning
  4. Make pursuit of self-directed learning a life-long priority
  5. Utilize current technology effectively and appropriately
  6. Communicate meaningfully through a variety of expressive media

Demonstrate an understanding of self and society

  1. Recognize the family unit as an integral part of a faith-centered life
  2. Actively invite and involve diversity in building community
  3. Respect, appreciate, and celebrate cultural diversity

Develop personal integrity

  1. Model moral convictions in interactions with others
  2. Build trust and mutual respect in relationships
  3. Build trust and mutual respect in relationships
  4. Reach out to others
  5. Live his/her sexuality according to the teachings of the Church
  6. Adopt and maintain a life-long approach to personal health
  7. Practice healthy decision-making concerning nutrition and exercise
  8. Accept one’s own body

V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School, a secondary educational institution of the Archdiocese of Omaha, serves the teaching mission of the Catholic Church by providing a quality co-educational high school program rooted in the historic Catholic tradition for young people in Omaha and surrounding communities. As an Archdiocesan high school serving the total Catholic community, the curriculum offerings of the school include competitive college preparation courses for a diverse population of students in an active and progressive learning environment that features the very best in technology and methodology.


V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School seeks to create excellence in a Catholic high school environment–one that is characterized by a group of parents, educational professionals, and community volunteers who are united by a religious faith and a shared belief in the value of formal education. These parents, educators, and volunteers combine to provide resources, leadership, and the purposeful focus necessary to create and maintain an educational entity which achieves excellence in the following areas:

  • Clear instruction in Catholic doctrine and Christian moral values, based on the Gospel and Church teaching.
  • A rigorous intellectual pursuit of cultural wisdom and academic knowledge which includes a familiar expertise with scientific and technological advances.
  • Development of the whole person: spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, physical, and social.
  • Experience of a Christian community bonded together in friendship,
  • respect, trust, love, and forgiveness.
  • Awareness of the divine and spiritual through daily prayer and reverential celebration of the sacraments and devotions of the Church.

Individual and group activities which flow from a sense of social responsibility and concern for the welfare of others, especially those burdened by poverty, illness, alienation, and physical and emotional weakness


V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School began operations in August of 1993. The school came into being as a result of the concerted effort of all the Catholics in the Omaha Metropolitan Area, in the years of 1990 to 1993, to raise $25,000,000 through the Archbishop’s Campaign for Educational Excellence. $10,000,000 of that figure was set aside for the construction of our new school; $6,000,000 was returned to parishes to assist in the funding of their parochial schools; and $4,000,000 was given to the existing eight Catholic high schools to further their financial strength. The Cosgriff Company of Omaha managed the successful campaign. The DLR Group of Omaha designed the school and the Kiewit Construction Company served as the general contractor. Construction of Skutt Catholic High School began in the spring of 1991. The school is named in honor of two of Omaha’s most prominent and dedicated citizens, V.J. and Angela Skutt. Mr. Skutt served for many years as the CEO of Mutual of Omaha. He and his wife Angie were tireless in their volunteer efforts for Catholic education and other services for Omaha’s youth.

The school has emphasized academic excellence from the very beginning. The demanding curriculum prepares students for admission to the best colleges in the country. A full range of athletic and fine arts activities have always been offered as well, and participation in state level competition is a frequent occurrence.

The strong emphasis on religious values and the Catholic tradition have helped to mold a school culture that is recognized for its civility, orderliness, good manners, and attention to the service of others.


A unique feature of the school is its focused commitment to the teaching and modeling of critical thinking skills and self-discipline skills. A required freshman level course, known as Character Skills, combines research based programs in critical thinking and self-discipline to offer students a dynamic curriculum which enhances the quality of learning throughout the school environment.

The school has shown a steady increase in numbers each year and now serves 700 students, grades nine through twelve.

The SkyHawk is so named because it soars higher than others of its species. It is a messenger calling others to reach their highest potential and be closer to God. The SkyHawk always exhibits the wisdom of learning, self-discipline and concern for others. It is viewed by peers as a leader and protector. A powerful sense of humility and justice guide the SkyHawk in action. The SkyHawk makes decisions carefully through prudent use of intellect, will, and emotion for the benefit of others. While non-predatory, the SkyHawk is a fierce, but honorable competitor. Opponents of the SkyHawk know that it will never quit and that it can win graciously, yet lose a contest with dignity. The SkyHawk loves the beauty and abundant natural resources of its Nebraska habitat. Its dominant symbolic color, green, represents the hope that all creatures will be good stewards of the abundant gifts that God has given us. The color black, the presence of all color, signifies that the SkyHawk embraces the diversity of all persons and strives toward the goal of global unity and respect for the dignity of human life. Its third symbolic color, silver, represents the shining light of the salvation promise that God has made to us.


In the past seven years, Skutt Catholic students have earned $65 million in college scholarships, 92% of which were academic scholarships. Forty students have been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program, and two perfect 36 ACT scores have been achieved. Skutt Catholic is one of only two Catholic High Schools in the state to have multiple students named to the Omaha World Herald All-Metro and All-State Academic teams during this time frame. Skutt Catholic High School offers more academic courses than any other non-public school in the state. Furthermore, SC offers fourteen Advanced Placement courses and thirteen dual enrollment courses with area colleges. The dual enrollment courses have been determined by area colleges to be equivalent to a college level course, thus college credit is offered to those students who take the courses at SC! It is feasible for a Skutt Catholic graduate to enter many colleges with enough credits to have earned sophomore standing – if so desired.

Skutt Catholic is also the recipient of the U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon Award. Schools can only apply for this national award if their ACT/SAT averages rank among the top 15% of all school scores nationwide (public & private). Skutt Catholic’s ACT averages are at an all-time high and within that 15% mark. More than 325 private schools registered to apply for this award, and Skutt Catholic was one of the top 50 to emerge from the pile of 325+. Skutt Catholic is the only school in Nebraska, with more than 400 students, to earn this national award in the past decade. The Council for American Private Education also commended Skutt Catholic for our “commitment to providing modifications and support to educate students with learning needs.”

The average Skutt Catholic teacher has 17.2 years experience, and nearly 70% of our educators hold a Master’s Degree. For comparison’s sake, the state average for educators with a Master’s Degree is 45%. Skutt Catholic also has excellent retention of faculty members which demonstrates the commitment of the teachers to your children and to the school.

Skutt Catholic’s athletic and extracurricular program is among the most successful in the state as evidenced by the following:

  • 51 state championships and 23 state runner up trophies in the past decade
  • Skutt Catholic has won the Nebraska “All Sports” award seven out of the last nine years
  • Skutt Catholic recently won its 4th NSAA US Cellular Cup (out of the six years the Cup has been awarded), which is awarded based on all sports athletic performance
  • Three NE Gatorade “Athletes of the Year” in Soccer in the last six year
  • Athletes have achieved scholarships at the Division 1, 2 and NAIA level
  • More scholar-athletes honored by the Greater Omaha Sports Committee in the past six years than nearly all other high schools, public or private.
  • Five consecutive Mock Trial State Championships and a 3rd place finish at Nationals in 2013
  • Back to Back to Back Speech State Championships
  • Recent Top 25 national rankings earned by Boys Soccer, Wrestling, Mock Trial, and the Robotics program
  • National Tournament Sportsmanship Award Winner – Robotics
  • Three NSAA “Believer and Achiever Award” winners in the last five years
  • A silver medal earned by an SC student in the National Scholastic Art Awards Competition held at Carnegie Hall in New York City.
  • Award winning band, choir, fine art, and drama programs


Starting next year, Skutt Catholic High School will integrate the use of iPads into its classrooms.  The decision to implement iPads results from many months of research, input from professional educators, peer schools, Apple Education representatives, and feedback from students, parents, and faculty. Knowledge cannot reach its full potential in the isolation of a classroom. The iPad technology brings the world into each classroom, enhancing the relevancy and effectiveness of our educational programs. As a result, Skutt Catholic will better serve our students in the following ways:

  1. Research indicates that students, teachers, and parents are more engaged in the educational process which is positively correlated to student achievement;
  2. Teachers will be able to differentiate instruction to better meet the needs of all students;
  3. Students will be more prepared to meet the technological demands of higher education

To accomplish these goals, internet ready mobile devices such as the iPad offers our students:

  1. Access via our wireless network to the Internet – an invention so profound that we are entering a new age of learning;
  2. Access to mobile computing power for engaging in the type of high-quality, data-intensive work our society demands;
  3. Access to social media so that students are creators of, and not just consumers of, the Intellectual conversations of our age;
  4. Access to local storage of online books, databases, textbooks, and multimedia files so they can carry their studies with them in a variety of engaging formats; and
  5. A personalized computing device that ensures equitable access as well as options for personal customization, integration and responsibility.

We are very excited about the implementation of iPads at Skutt Catholic High School. With this new technology initiative, Skutt Catholic will continue to provide a relevant faith based and cutting edge education.


Rob Meyers



 College Preparatory

Each and every course at Skutt Catholic High School is truly College Preparatory. With over 150 course offerings, students are provided many opportunities to delve deeper into their current learning interests and uncover many new academic passions.


With over 50 Honors level courses throughout the curriculum, high ability and highly motivated students are guaranteed to have many avenues to expand their learning. Whether their interests lie in Computer Technology, Business/Economics, the Fine and Performing Arts, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Theology, World Languages, or all of the above; opportunities abound to push one’s learning to the next level.

AP/Dual Enrollment

Skutt Catholic students have the opportunity to earn the equivalent of two years of college credit through our Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment program. 16 courses within the curriculum have qualified as AP and/or Dual Enrollment. Our AP/Dual Enrollment students regularly earn high marks and secure significant credits toward their college requirements. More information about our Dual Enrollment partnerships is located on the Guidance Page.

DO YOU KNOW? In the past five years, Skutt Catholic students:

  • Earned $49.3 million in college scholarship dollars
  • Were awarded 118 full, 4 year academic scholarships to college
  • Achieved two perfect 36 ACT scores

Skutt Catholic’s composite ACT average, currently 25.3, typically ranks among the top 10% of scores nationally.

45 students have been named National Merit Scholars in the past eight years.

Diverse Student Body:

  • 25 Catholic parishes are represented in our student body.
  • 9th grade students entered Skutt Catholic this year from 31 middle schools and represent 27 zip codes. Nearly 25% of the entire student body attended public school prior to attending Skutt Catholic, and 10% of the school population is non-Catholic.
  • We have students from Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Hungary, Italy, Libya, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Planning a career in Engineering or Architecture? Skutt Catholic has the most comprehensive Computer Aided Design [CAD] curriculum of any Catholic school in the city. 

Skutt Catholic …

  • Faculty average over 17 years of experience and 70% of Skutt Catholic teachers hold a masters degree, for comparison’s sake, the state average for teachers with a master’s degree is 40.8% and 15.3 average years of experience.
  • Skutt Catholic High School offers more than 150 different college preparatory courses.
  • Skutt Catholic students annually volunteer 14,000 hours to the Omaha community. 225 students have participated in one of thirteen different service trips in the past few years, and 60 students serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC’s) and Lectors at Skutt Catholic each year.

Did you know all of our success is attained while offering the second lowest tuition among the Catholic high schools in the Omaha metro area?


AdvancedED Accreditation

Accreditation Status

  • Skutt Catholic has earned AdvancED’s highest level of accreditation for secondary schools, College Prep.
  • Skutt Catholic High School is fully accredited by AdvancED, the most respected international school accreditation agency.

Accreditation Process

  • In order to maintain accreditation, all schools accredited by AdvancED are required to:
    • Exhibit quality performance according to the Standards for Quality Schools.
    • Engage in an ongoing process of continuous improvement.
    • Exhibit high performance through a Quality Assurance Review (QAR) every five years.
    • For more information please see

School Improvement Process:  Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Skutt Catholic is certainly a learning community – a place where students & teachers, families & friends, community members & visitors feel a tangible sense of caring & welcome, faith & learning, excitement & success. However, there is always room to improve, there are always ways to grow and become stronger. For this reason Skutt Catholic has embraced the Professional Learning Community (PLC) model of school improvement, developed by acclaimed educators and researchers Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour & Robert Marzano.

The PLC model can be described as a return to good old common sense. In our current day of constant educational reform and persistent debate on innumerable theories of learning, the PLC school improvement model asks schools to center their attention on four very tangible questions regarding student learning:

  1. What knowledge and skills should every student acquire as a result of this school, this department, this course, this unit of instruction, and this lesson?
  2. How will we know when each student has acquired the essential knowledge and skills?
  3. How will we respond when some students do not learn?
  4. How will we respond when some students have clearly achieved the intended outcomes?

Working as small collaborative groups during every late start school day, Skutt Catholic faculty members have started the process of defining and refining essential learning outcomes. In future years each PLC will establish valid internal assessment systems to measure student learning and will create systems of enrichment and extension for students who require a boost or an added challenge in order to meet their potential.

In addition to this important curriculum work, Skutt Catholic has also organized every staff member into PLC groups to study and enhance the school’s Vision, Mission and daily practice. PLCs dedicated to major components of Skutt Catholic such as: Catholic Identity, Vision and Mission, Teaching and Learning, Classroom Management and Discipline, Recruitment, and Technology research best practice and develop targeted action plans for improvement.

PLC literature states, “Working together to build shared knowledge on the best way to achieve goals and meet the needs of clients is exactly what professionals in any field are expected to do.” Through our efforts as a Professional Learning Community, the faculty and staff of Skutt Catholic High School embrace the challenge of improving our ability to meet the needs of our students so they can achieve their potential as students, citizens, and members of the Faith community.


Skutt Catholic High School offers close to 30 activities or clubs. All of these activities enhance the opportunity for participation. SC strongly encourages students to become involved in something that interests them.

How do you want to be remembered?

Our school believes learning means enjoying a variety of experiences both in and out of the classroom. No matter what your talents or beliefs are, SC offers you opportunities to put them to good use.

SC activities have a goal of:



Tim Bloomingdale-Director of Admissions

TEL: (402) 934-9085

Scholarship and Entrance Exam

The Scholarship and Entrance Exam is normally scheduled in January. Lunch will be served following the test. This exam is for 8th grade students only. Taking this exam is in no way a commitment to enroll but is a requirement for freshman admission and in order to qualify for one of our academic scholarships. Makeup exams will be offered for admissions but they will not qualify a student for a scholarship.

  • V.J. Skutt Distinguished Scholarship Award – $2,500 for the freshman year, renewable at $1,500 per year thereafter.
  • Angela Skutt Distinguished Scholarship Award – $2,500 for the freshman year, renewable at $1,500 per year thereafter.
  • Skutt Catholic Presidential Scholarship Awards – $1,500 for the freshman year, renewable at $1,250 thereafter.
  • Archbishop Daniel Sheehan Scholarship Awards – $1,000 to be used for the freshman year.
  • Monsignor James Gilg Scholarship Awards – $750 to be used for the freshman year.
  • Marie Williamson Scholarship Awards – $500 to be used for the freshman year.



Tuition for 2014-2015

Freshmen $8,900
Sophomores $9,000
Juniors $9,100
Seniors $9,200

A $350 registration fee per student is due at the time of registration.

Skutt Catholic offers several flexible tuition payment plan options. There is a $100 discount for families who pay in full by July 1.

As a private school, Skutt Catholic is dependent on tuition and development programs to fund operating expenses. We strive to ensure that every dollar of your investment is used in the most efficient way possible

Transfer Student Admission Policies

Skutt Catholic welcomes new students. Students who are already in high school are not required to take an Admissions Exam. Instead, we would like a copy of your last standardized test scores. Also, a list of the courses that you have completed and the grades received will help us determine what courses you would be required to take if you become a student at Skutt Catholic. For additional information regarding transferring to Skutt Catholic High School please contact our Admissions Director, Tim Bloomingdale, at (402) 333-0818 ext. 5133.

School Visits/Shadowing (Students already in high school)

Students who are considering transferring to Skutt Catholic High School are encouraged to visit the school prior to making their choice. Changing high schools is an important decision and many factors must be considered. A shadow day is reserved for students who are serious about transferring. The visit must be pre-arranged by a parent and a current list of classes and grades must be received before the visit. Part of the visit will involve a meeting with a counselor to review transcripts and possible classes.


Skutt Catholic High School offers 19 interscholastic athletic activities. Many of these sports include freshman, sophomore, and junior varsity levels of competition in addition to the varsity level, enhancing opportunities for participation. The SkyHawk varsity athletic teams compete in the River Cities Conference, where year after year, member schools are continually at or near the top in all sports.

Our school believes learning means enjoying a variety of experiences both in and out of the classroom. No matter what your talents or beliefs are SC offers you opportunities to put them to good use.

SC activities have a goal of:



The Skutt Catholic High School guidance counselors strive to make a difference in the lives of the students, families, faculty, and staff we serve. As our students are being molded into the Christian leaders of the future, our department’s mission is to provide access to resources and information, to respond to student and family crisis, and to facilitate academic, college, career, and personal/social development.

Guidance Counselor Contacts by Grade Level


  • Academic Planning
  • Freshmen Parent Night
  • Freshmen Orientation
  • Acclimation Guidance Lesson
  • Career Fair
  • Career Seminars with NebraskaCareer Connections
  • PLAN Test
  • High School Academic Planning
  • Prevention Council
  • Red Ribbon Week Activities
  • Personal/Social Integration in PE Classes
  • Individual Personal/Social Assistance
  • Exploring Careers Program


  • Academic Planning
  • Career Fair
  • Career Seminars with NebraskaCareer Connections
  • PSAT Test
  • PLAN Test
  • Youth Leadership Omaha Coordination
  • Mayor’s Youth Commission
  • Exploring Careers Program
  • High School Academic Planning
  • Prevention Council
  • Red Ribbon Week Activities
  • Individual Personal/Social Assistance


  • Academic Planning
  • Junior Parent Night
  • Junior Newsletter
  • Test Taking Skills Guidance Lessons
  • Practice PSAT
  • PSAT
  • ACT and/or SAT Guidance
  • High School Academic Planning
  • John Baylor Test Prep Program
  • Career Seminars with Nebraska Career Connections
  • College Planning
  • Catholic College Fair
  • College Representative Visits
  • College Campus Visits
  • Prevention Council
  • Red Ribbon Week Activities
  • Individual Personal/Social Assistance


  • Senior Newsletter
  • Academic Planning
  • Senior Resume
  • Senior Parent Night
  • Financial Aid Night
  • John Baylor Test Prep Program
  • Career Seminars with NebraskaCareer Connections
  • ACT and/or SAT
  • Catholic College Fair

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Read in Chinese Language


美国内布拉斯加州奥 马哈市

第156街3131 S 邮编 68130
电话: 402-333-0818

( ( 402 ) 333-0818


V.J. & Skutt天主教高中致力于培养塑造年轻男女成为帮助他人,促进司法公正,改变社会基督徒领袖。

我们相信, V.J.和安吉拉Skutt天主教高中…
·  培养道德领袖,不仅教育,而且还要求学生为社区和社会服务,接受多文化多种族,并为社区 及经济条件差者寻求公正.
·身,心,灵全人全面教 – 身,心,灵通过提供各种课外活动,使学生形成个人,身体,学业,情感和精神福祉的基础。




·根据教会的教导 按他/她性别生活

V.J.和安吉拉Skutt天主教高中 是奥马哈大主教管区的一个辅助教育机构,服务于天主教会. 植根于历史悠久的天主教传统,以为在奥马哈和周边社区提供男女同校的优质高中教学为教育目标。作为大主教管区内服务总天主教社区的高中,提供学生活跃和进取的学习环境,配备最好的技术和采用最佳的方法,提供有竞争力的大学预备课程。

V.J.和安吉拉Skutt天主教高中在1993年8月开始运营。学校的成立是因为所有在奥马哈都市区的天主教徒共同努力的结果,在到1993年的1990年中,通过”大主教 教育卓越 募捐” 形式 筹款25,000,000美元。10,000,000被预留为我们的新学校的建设; 6,000,000元已回到教区,成为他们的教会学校的资助来源;和4,000,000元给现有的8个天主教高中,以增加他们的资金实力。Cosgriff公司是募捐执行者,奥马哈的DLR集团设计学校和Kiewit总部建筑公司担任总承包商。 Skutt天主教高中的建设开始于1991年春天,学校以两个奥马哈做最突出贡献的公民, VJ和安吉拉Skutt 命名。Skutt先生多年担任奥马哈互惠的首席执行官。他和他的妻子安吉为他们的天主教教育和其他服务奥马哈的青年志愿者的努力不懈地工作。学校学生每年数量稳步上升,现有700名学生,九至十二年级。
学校标志: 天鹰
在过去的七年里,Skutt天主教学生已经获得6500万美元的大学奖学金,其中92%是学业奖学金。四十名学生是国家优秀学生奖学金计划获得者,两名学生取得完美的36 ACT成绩。 Skutt天主教是在州仅有的两所主教高中之一,在这段时间内得到奥马哈世界先驱报 荣誉-“全市和全州学术团队”。 Skutt天主教高中比州任何其他非公立学校提供更多的学术课程。此外,与地区高校提供14进阶先修课程和13双录取课程。双录取课程已经被地区高校确定为相当于大学水平的课程,因此修读课程的学生拿到大学学分,Skutt天主教毕业生进入许多高校有足够的学分已经获得大二的地位 – 如果学生能读的话, 这是可行的。
Skutt天主教也是美国教育部蓝带奖得主。学校 ACT/SAT的平均水平在美国所有学校(公立和私立)的分数排名前15 %才能申请这个国家奖 。 Skutt天主教的ACT平均分正处于历史最高水平,在全国15 %之内。超过325私立学校申请此奖项,Skutt天主教是325多所私立学校50强之一.Skutt天主教是在过去的十年,在内布拉斯加州唯一超过400名学生的学校,获得这个国家级奖项的私立学校,。美国私立教育理事会也赞扬Skutt天主教 提供修改和支持,适合教育学生的学习需要。 ”
Skutt天主教老师平均有17.2年经验,近70 %的教育工作者持有硕士学位。而州的教育工作者持硕士学位平均45 % 。 Skutt天主教优秀的教师队伍不太跳槽,这表明教师对你的孩子和学校的承诺。

·在过去的十年,51州冠军和23亚军奖杯, ·

过去九年里有七年,Skutt天主教赢得了内布拉斯加州“全体育” 奖
· Skutt天主教最近第4次获得衡量学校所有的体育竞技成绩NSAA美国Cellular杯(已颁发共六个杯) ,
·足球在过去六年三 次得州佳得乐“年度最佳运动员”
·- 机器人比赛获全国锦标赛体育道德风格奖
·在过去五年中三次获NSAA “信心和成就奖”,


从明年开始, Skutt天主教高中将在教室里使用ipad。这是听取教育家,学校,  ;苹果工司(Apple)教育的代表,以及来自学生,家长和教师的反馈意见, 经多月 考虑后决定的 。iPad的技术把世界进入每个教室,提高我们教育计划的针对性和有效性。
· Skutt天主教高中开设的每一个课程都是真正的大学预科。有超过150的课程,提供学生许多机会来深入研究他们当前的学习兴趣,并发现了许多新的学习激情。

·Skutt天主教高中开设超过50个荣誉级别的课程,高能力和积极进取的学生都保证有许多途径来提高学习水平。无论他们的兴趣在于计算机技术,商业/经济,美术与表演艺术,语言艺术,数学,科学,社会科学,神学,世界语言,或上述所有;,机会比比皆是, 这些荣誉课程把学生推向一个新的水平。

AP /双录取
· Skutt天主教学生通过我们的进阶先修( AP)和双计划,使学生取得相当两年的大学学分的机会。在所有课程中有16门课程有 AP和/或双录取的资格。我们的AP /双录取的学生经常获得高分和 挣取很多自己的大学学分。

在过去的五年中, Skutt天主教学生:
· ACT成绩两个满分36

Skutt天主教的ACT平均分,目前25.3 ,通常跻身全国前10%。
· 我们的学生代表25天主教教区。
· 今年考入Skutt天主教9年级的学生,来自31所中学和27邮政编码。近25%学生以前就读公立学校,校10%的学生的是非天主教徒。

想从事工程或建筑行业的学生:Skutt天主教拥有城市中的任何天主教学校的]最全面的计算机辅助[CAD) 课程。
· Skutt天主教学生每年花14000小时到奥马哈社区当义工.

在过去的几年里,225名学生参加了十三个不同的义工服务机构之一,60名学生,每年在 EMHC服务圣餐和在Skutt天主教当讲师。

你知道我们取得如此成功, 而收取天主教高中在奥马哈地区中第二低的学费吗?


Ø健康/ 体育PE

· Skutt天主教得到了AdvancedED 最高的中学水平的,大学预科的认证。



Ø E.Q.U.I.P.
电话: ( 402 ) 934-9085


· V.J. Skutt杰出奖学金 – 大一2500美元,以后每年1500美元。
·安吉拉Skutt杰出奖学金 – 为大一2500美元,以后每年1500美元。
· Skutt天主教的总统奖学金 – ​​为大一1500美元; 以后每年1250美元。
·大主教丹尼尔·希恩奖学金 – 1000美元用于大一。
·主教詹姆斯·白木香奖学金 – 750美元用于大一。
·玛丽·威廉姆森奖学金 – 500美元用于大一。

2014-2015 年度学费为
作为一所私立学校, Skutt天主教是依赖于学费和发展项目资金办学的。我们将努力确保您的投资的每一分钱用在最有效的地方.

Skutt天主教欢迎新同学。不要求高中学生参加入学考试。但是,我们需要你的最后一次标准化考试成绩复印件。此外,如果你就读于Skutt天主教的话。你已经完成并获得成绩的课程清单将帮助我们确定你选哪些课程,有关转读到Skutt天主教高中的更多信息,请联系我们的招生办主任,蒂姆·布卢明代尔,在( 402 ) 333-0818分机。 5133 。
学校鼓励高中学生做出自己的转学选择之前,到Skutt天主教高中参观学校。改变高中是一个重要的决定,许多因素必须考虑。。参观必须事先由家长安排, 参观之前,必须备好最新课程及成绩表。在参观时,学校辅导员将与学生和家长座谈,审查成绩单及科目。
·篮球 – 男子
·篮球 – 女子
·高尔夫 -男子

  • 高尔夫 -女子


  • 足球 -女子
  • 足球 — 男子




  • 游泳/跳水
  • 网球
  • 飞碟射击
  • 排球
  • 摔跤
  • 田径



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