New EB5 regional center approved!

Shamrock Development’s proposed “Capitol District” in Omaha has just been approved by the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) to be an EB5 Regional Center. This will allow them to accept EB5 investment into the project. The investment will specifically be in the Marriott Hotel development portion of this project. They will be seeking approximately 56 investors.

This approval comes in approximately 5-6 months after submmission to USCIS, which is much quicker than the average 18 months that we are hearing from the industry. Congratulations to them, as that means their proposal must have been very well put together and the project thought of as high quality.

Shamrock is now working with their partners to set up offering documents, and generally setting things up to be able to approach potential investors and then start accepting investments. This process will take a few weeks. Right now, Shamrock will be busy with those activities and do NOT want to be approached yet by potential investors or a bunch of questions. In fact, the way things might be set up according to SEC guidelines, it might end up being one of their service provider partners that will have to be approached.

So Shamrock is okay with us letting potential investors know about this exciting development, but please don’t approach them directly at this point. Details will be provided soon, with a contact person. For some general information on this project see the below links:
(please note the link to their executive summary on that page)