My Vision – Brian Liu

I went into business with a vision, a passion and a mission. That vision has been my number one priority in steering my business. LIU&DB has the vision to grow its business in a sustainable way that is good for its customers, suppliers , its community and its founders Brian and Belinda Liu and family. It is a family business that is founded upon the principles of integrity, longevity and consistency. In the past 13 years of business, we have never waived a bit in our mission of providing great quality products and services to customers-both international and domestic.



Since LDB’s inception, we have gone through ups and downs, however, our passion for what we are doing has gotten stronger and firmer. Our newest passion-providing education services to Chinese students and families and education institutions through David USA Education which was started just in 2015 is our emerging business. Belinda is very passionate about this new venture!