Mount Michael Benedictine High School

Mount Michael High School

22520 Mount Michael Road
Elkhorn, NE 68022-3400
Telephone: 402.289.2541 Fax:402.289.4539

Mission Statement

Mount Michael Benedictine School is a Catholic college preparatory residential/day school for young men committed to academic excellence. The school’s mission is to integrate a life of spirituality,scholarship, and the formation of Christian Community by following the charism of the Gospels and the Rule of St. Benedict.

Mount Michael Benedictine has earned the #1 ranking from Boarding School Review for All-Boys Boarding Schools in the country in two key categories:  ACT/SAT score, and affordability.

About Our School

Mount Michael Benedictine School is a Catholic, college-preparatory residential & day high school. At Mount Michael the core of the academic program enables students to become inquiring learners, appreciative of their heritage, responsive and committed to the challenges of the future. At Mount Michael the monks, lay faculty, and staff instill the value of moral leadership so that they may live in harmony with each other, their families, and the community at large. At Mount Michael the search for God is fundamental to understanding the meaning of life; Christian charity is grounded in our relationships with ourselves,our families, and all whom we meet. As gifts of God, individual talents are to be developed fully and shared generously.


Mount Michael’s college prep education is designed to challenge and strengthen each student’s academic skills in preparation for college.  Ultimately, it is our goal to enable every student to reach his educational and career potential.  Mount Michael’s faculty and staff provide a rich learning environment that emphasizes the value of quality scholarship and challenges each student to reach the next level.  Due to the strong academic potential of the student body, young men are challenged by their peers as well as by their teachers.
In meeting the demands of quality academic work students at Mount Michael develop valuable time management and study skills.
While at Mount Michael students not only learn how to learn but become well-rounded individuals.  We believe growth in one’s Faith and involvement in extracurricular activities plays an important part in the development of young men. The Mount Michael community takes great pride in our students’ accomplishments inside and outside of the classroom.
At Mount Michael students receive an unsurpassed educational experience with a curriculum that ranks with the best in the nation.  The Mount Michael student body truly appreciates the opportunities they are given and help one another grow into young men who are not only ready for college but for life.


It is Mount Michael’s mission to help all of our students grow into well-rounded young men who are not prepared just for college, but for life.
Mount Michael seeks students from across the country and from around the world that are interested in top level academic, extracurricular and athletic programs.  Mount Michael’s student body of 233 young men comes from four states and six countries.  I invite you to learn more about Mount Michael Benedictine by browsing our school’s website and scheduling a visit/tour.  I strongly encourage you to apply to Mount Michael if you have the desire to become a well rounded individual who grows not only academically but also socially, spiritually and athletically.

SPITUALITY-Benedictine Values

Benedictine values encompass a broad range of concepts that are central to life within a Christian community.  It is quite possible to literally perceive dozens of values that can be deemed as Benedictine in nature. This a testimony to the breadth of “The Rule” and communal life established by Saint Benedict.
Here at Mount Michael Benedictine we have chosen to put special focus on the following Benedictine values.
Service – Community – Hospitality – Moderation – Integrity
SERVICE: No one is to pursue what is judged best for oneself, but instead, what is better for someone else. (Rule of St. Benedict 72:7)”
COMMUNITY: Respect the elders and love the young. (Rule of St. Benedict 4:70-71); Proper honor must be shown to all (Rule of St. Benedict 53:2)” “They should each try to be the first to show respect to the other… earnestly competing in obedience to one another.(Rule of St. Benedict 72:4,6)”
INTEGRITY: Your way of acting should be different from the world’s way; the love of Christ must come before all else.(Rule of St. Benedict 4:20)”
 “HOSPITALITY: All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ, for he himself will say: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me”  (Rule of St. Benedict 53:1)”
MODERATION: All things are to be done with moderation. (Rule of St. Benedict 48:9)”
At the start of each week the entire community – students, faculty, and monks – gather for a prayer and reflection on these values.

Tradition of Excellence in Sports

27 State Championships – 14 Times Runner-up

27 State Championships – 14 Times Runner-up


Mount Michael Benedictine’s students, families, coaches, and faculty take great pride in their sports and activities. The teams are known for discipline and never say die attitude while the fans are well known for their enthusiastic support. The Mount Michael gym, The “Palace”, is considered one of the state’s top locales for basketball excitement.
American Legion Baseball, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer,Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Track, Trapshooting, Wrestling.


Support the Booster Club

Go Knights!

2014 Class C Journalism State Champions
2014 Class C Speech District Runner-up
2014 Academic Decathlon Small School State Champion
2013 Class B Cross Country District Champions
2013 Class B American Legion Baseball State Runner-up

Cross Country 2013 Class B District Champion
2014 Academic Decathlon Small School State Champions



Get Involved

Participating in activities reinforces the Benedictine values of moderation and service. Moderation calls for a balanced life, not being a one dimensional person. Moving beyond the classroom and athletic arena provides the rich experiences necessary for growth in confidence and maturity. Serving others allows us to grow beyond our own self interest by doing things for the benefit of others.

Band and Choir
Math and Science
Mock Trial
National Honor Society
Student Council

International Students Overview

At Mount Michael Benedictine, students come from many different schools in Nebraska and the United States and from many different countries. This mix of students represents a variety of cultures and traditions.  International students have the opportunity to live and learn within a safe, supportive and academically-enriched environment as they prepare for college.  In addition, students will get a first hand understanding of American culture and life-long friendships.

Why Mount Michael Benedictine?
Because of Mount Michael’s Benedictine foundation, the school believes that every young man needs the gift of challenge to reach his full academic potential. Mount Michael Benedictine provides the solid, core college prep curriculum that competitive colleges and universities demand.  Classes are small and every student’s progress is monitored closely. The motivated student body and strong faculty work closely together to create an atmosphere of academic intensity.  This is the Mount Michael Benedictine advantage.

I-20 Document
Mount Michael Benedictine School issues an F-1 visa to allow international students to apply for a student visa. Mount Michael Benedictine has extensive experience in assisting students from many different countries to earn visas. Students who are accepted will receive a packet that will include the I-20 document along with other information and forms to complete the registration process.

Use Omaha Eppley (OMA) when scheduling arrivals and departures. Mount Michael Benedictine will provide transportation to and from the airport when arrival and departure times are scheduled appropriately. Please provide your travel information to the seven day residential dean as soon as it has been scheduled.

International Student Application Process
Students must submit an application form, $25 application fee, official copy of transcript, school and personal recommendation forms, admissions essay and a TOEFL or SSAT test score.  International students will also have to complete Mount Michael Benedictine’s entrance exam and a phone or Skype Interview.  Arrangements for students to test at an agency or their current school.  Mount Michael Benedictine has rolling admission.
Rolling admission might be less stressful for students, and university admissions offices have less data to process because applications do not all flow in at the same time. Students can finish their application anytime between the summer before their senior year and midway through their senior year and can submit it at leisure, taking the time to carefully review their application and not getting anxious about a nearing deadline. The organization receives applications continuously rather than in one or two bursts and is thus able to spend more time on each application individually.

Tuition & Other Fees

2013-2014 School Year
Freshman  $9,640
Sophomore $10,040
Junior  $10,105
Senior   $10,170
Room & Board
(Boarding Students Only) – $6,520
Registration  $ 290
Materials/Activities Fee (All)  $360
Graduation Fee (Seniors Only) $150
Room/Locker Deposit (New Students Only) $150
Meal Charge (Day Students Only) $905
Extended Residential Fee  $2,910
Seven Day Residential Program (By Approval) $3,630
International Insurance Premium (International Students Only) $890
**Advanced placement exams and honors courses are not included.
Note: Mount Michael Benedictine offers five different payment plans: annual, semester, quarterly, monthly (option 1- 12 months) and monthly (option 2- 10 months).


An investment in Mount Michael Benedictine School results in a tremendous head start on a college education.  The Mount Michael curriculum prepares our graduates for success at top universities and colleges. Eighty-three percent of students earned college credits while still in high school.  Theaverage ACT score for the past five years is over 28.  A Mount Michael education ensures an advantage in a college education.
An investment in Mount Michael also results in savings on college tuition by way of generous scholarship awards. The 57 members of the Class of 2012 were offered scholarship packages totaling $5.8 million with 76% of them being offered scholarships.  College tuition savings are also realized through Advanced Placement Courses.  A Mount Michael education generally results in a lower cost of a college education.

Mount Michael Benedictine School seeks to serve a diverse and talented student body.  To achieve that end, Mount Michael Benedictine is committed to providing payment plans and financial assistance to qualified students whose families cannot afford the school’s full charges.  Mount Michael Benedictine has a couple of options for payment plans depending on the particular situation.  For equitable determination of financial assistance, we use a third party to weigh and balance individual family needs with our available aid funds. Prospective Mount Michael families cannot apply for financial aid until after their son has been accepted to the School.  Financial aid applications will be available upon request after that point.
To discuss enrollment in Mount Michael Benedictine, or inquire about payment plan options or financial assistance, please contact Fr. Louis Sojka, O.S.B. in the Business Office at (402) 253-0980 or e-mail
The monks of Mount Michael Abbey are committed to making high school tuition as affordable as possible. The generosity of the school’s community makes it possible for Mount Michael Benedictine School to offer more financial aid per student than any other private high school in the Omaha area.


  • *^JOHN WHEE-JIN CHOI is the son of Kyung Boo and Hung Sik Choi of South Korea.  He has received offers of admission to the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  John will attend the UNIVERSITY of CALIFORNIA at BERKELEY and plans to major in Mechanical Engineering.
  • *Yutong Gao (Tony) is the son of Feng Gao and Xiaoying Li of China. He has received offers of admission to Boston College, Boston University, Creighton University, George Washington University, the University of California at Davis, the University of California at Santa Barbara, the University of California at San Diego, the University of Rochester, and the University of Southern California.  Yutong will attend the University of Southern California and plans to double major in Business Administration and Accounting.
  • YOON HO KIM is the son of Joohyun Kim and Kyungsook Ham of South Korea.  He has received offers of admission to Bates College, Boston College, Grinnell College, Reed College, and the University of California at San Diego.  Yoon Ho will attend BOSTON COLLEGE and plans to major in Computer Science.
  • Yun sik oh is the son of Heung Taek Oh and Young Ran Kim of South Korea.  He has received offers of admission to Creighton University, Emory University, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of California at San Diego, and Vanderbilt University. Yun Sik will attend VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY and plans to major in Chemistry.
  • * JIHOON PARK (ALBERT) is the son of Jong Seob Park and Sun Hee Lee of Daejeon, Korea.  He has received offers of admission to Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Pratt Institute, Southern California Institute of Architecture, Syracuse University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  Albert will attend CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY and plans to major in Architecture.
  1. (*) An asterisk beside a name signifies students who are currently members of the National Honor Society.
  2. (^) Signifies a National Merit Scholarship Finalist – Top 0.5% or 8,400 students out of 1.5 million entered
  3. (¤) Signifies a National Merit Commended Student – Top 5% of 1.5 million entered in the competition
  4. (×) Signifies a World Herald Scholar – Top 4% of students in the State of Nebraska



Mount Michael High School
22520 Mount Michael Road
Elkhorn, NE 68022-3400
电话:402.289.2541 传真:402.289.4539

学校使命: 山迈克尔本笃学校是一所天主教大学预科寄宿/日制学校,致力于教育年轻男生追求学术卓越。学校的使命是通过福音书的神恩和圣本笃的规则,使生命灵性,学术和形成基督教社区一体化。山迈克尔本笃在寄宿学校评论有两个主要项目美国 全男生寄宿学校名列第一:ACT/ SAT成绩和经济承受能力。

关于我们的学校 山迈克尔本笃学校是一所天主教大学预科寄宿/全日制
高中。学校学术的核心,让学生成为学习探究者,珍赏他们的文化遗产,迅速面对未来的挑战。山迈克尔本笃学校和尚,教师和工作人员灌输道德领导的价值,使他们可以和其他的人,他们的家庭和整个社会和睦相处。在山迈克尔,寻求 神是理解生命的意义的根本;基督教慈善是基于我们自己做起,我们的家庭关系,以及所有我们见面的人,。作为上帝的恩赐,个人才能得到充分开发和慷慨共享.










迈克尔寻求来自全国各地和世界各地对一流学术,课外活动和体育项目有兴趣的学生。 233学生来自四个州和六个国家。我邀请您通过浏览学校的网站,了解更多关于山迈克尔本笃会,并安排参观/游览。如果你要成为一个不仅在学术上,而且在社会,精神和运动的全面人




服务 – 社区 – 好客 – 中庸 – 诚信

27次州冠军 – 14次亚军



2013 B级越野区冠军







因为山迈克尔的本笃会基金会,学校认为,每一位年轻的男生需要挑战以达到他的全部学术潜力。学校提供了坚实的,主要核心大学预科课程,适合竞争力的学院和大学的需求。小班授课,密切监测每个学生的进步。积极主动的学生团体和雄厚的师资力量紧密合作,共同打造学术强度的气氛。这是 山迈克尔本笃会学校的优势。



抵达和离开时,使用奥马哈帕莱机场(OMAHA Eppley Airport)。如果到达和起飞时间适当安排的,学校会提供往返机场接送。



学生必须提交一份申请表格,$ 25申请费,成绩单的官方副本,学校和个人推荐表,入学作文和TOEFL或SAT考试成绩。国际学生还必须考迈克尔入学考试和进行电话或Skype的采访。可以安排学生在一个机构或他们目前的学校测试。山迈克尔本笃学校 办理 滚动录取


滚动录取可能 对 学生压力较小,学生可以在他们毕业年级之前夏天 至 他们的毕业级中间任何时间,完成他们申请, 并且 在闲暇提交,学生抽出时间来仔细 检 查他们的申请并 不


学费  2013至14学年 高一9640美元 高二10040美元 高三10105美元 高四10170美元   食宿(仅限寄宿学生) – 6520美元   费用: 注册290美元 所有材料/活动费用:360美元 毕业费(仅限毕业生)$ 150 房间/储物柜存款(仅限新生)$ 150 膳食费(日学生)905美元 住宿收费2910美元 七天住宿项目(经 批准)3630美元 际保险保费(国际学生)890美元

注:山迈克尔·笃会提供五种不同的付款计划:年度,学期,季度,月度(选项1 – 12个月)和月度(选择2 – 10个月)。


在山迈克尔本笃学校的教育投资是上大学的巨大开端。山迈克尔课程为我们的毕业生在顶尖大学和学院的成功而准备。百分之八十三的学生在上高中已经获得大学学分。ACT平均分数,在过去五年超过28 。迈克尔教育确保在大学教育的优势。





请联系商务办公室神父路易Sojka O.S.B.电话( 402 )253-0980或电邮 讨论就读山迈克尔本笃会学校,或者询问付款计划或财政援助。


  • * ^约翰WHEE -金财是韩国驸炅和洪适财的儿子。他已被佐治亚理工学院,加州大学伯克利分校的,以及伊利诺伊大学Urbana-Champaign分校录取。约翰将读加州大学伯克利分校,并计划主修机械工程。
  • *高宇通(托尼)是中国高丰和李晓英的儿子。波士顿学院,波士顿大学,克莱顿大学,乔治华盛顿大学,加州大学戴维斯分校,加州大学圣巴巴拉分校,加州大学圣地亚哥分校,罗切斯特大学,和南加州大学都录取他。他将读南加州大学,并计划主修工商管理和会计学。
  • YOON HO KIM是韩国Joohyun金正日和Kyungsook含的儿子。贝茨学院,波士顿学院,格林内尔学院,里德学院和加州大学圣地亚哥分校都录取他。他将读波士顿学院,并计划主修计算机科学。
  • Yun sik oh是韩国Heung Taek Oh and Young Ran Kim 的儿子。克赖顿大学,埃默里大学,加州大学洛杉矶分校,加州大学圣地亚哥分校和范德堡大学都录取他。他将读范德堡大学,并计划主修化学。
  • * JIHOON PARK (ALBERT)是韩国Jong Seob Park and Sun Hee Lee 的儿子。卡内基 – 梅隆大学,佐治亚理工学院,普拉特学院,南加州建筑学院,雪城大学,弗吉尼亚理工学院和州立大学。艾伯特将读卡内基•梅隆大学,并计划主修建筑。
  1. ( * )的名称旁边的星号表示学生是目前全国荣誉学会的会员。
  2. ( ^ ) ,标志着国家优秀学生奖学金 – 最佳的0.5 %或150万学生前8,400名
  3. ( ¤ ) ,标志着国家优秀学生 – 150万名学生在比赛中进入前5 %
  4. ( × )表示一个世界先驱报学者 – 在内布拉斯加州前4%的尖子生 为什么读迈克尔?请看学生和家长视频。

Why Mount Michael? Video from students and parents.