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  • Guangzhou College of Commerce

    广州商学院前身是广东省第一所独立学院——华南师范大学增城学院。学院创办于1998年,1999年开始招收第一批学生;学院于2002年开始招收本科生,是广东最早开展本科教育的民办本科高校;学院于2011年经广东省学位委员会批准成为学士学位授权单位。学院在2002年和2012年经教育部批准,分别和澳大利亚、美国高校合作开展双学位教育,国际合作与交流走在全国同类院校前列。 Guangzhou College of Commerce (GCC), formerly Zengcheng College of South China Normal University, is the first independent private college in Guangdong Province. GCC was established in 1998 and enrolled students in 1999. Starting 2002, it has enrolled full time undergraduate students. GCC is the first private college of this kind in Guangdong. It was […]

  • EB-5 Letter’s of Support

    EB-5 Letter’s of Support

    Mayor Jim Suttle, City of Omaha- Letter of Support.Download the PDF —X— Lee Terry, Member of Congress- Letter of Support. Download the PDF —X— Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau Letter of Support. Download the PDF —X— Omaha Downtown Improvement District Association letter of Support. Download the PDF   —X— The Nebraska Department of Economic Development […]

  • EB-5 Fees Marriott Project

    The MARRIOTT PROJECT EB5 fees involved are: $500,000 Total Investment $45,000 Administration Fee $15,000-18,000 Attorney Fee ( It can vary, depends on the attorney and the services they provide) $5000 David USA Education (D.U.E) service fees   项目投资总额 $50万美元 项目投资管理费用: 4万5千美元 律师费: 约1万5千-1万8千美元 美国大卫留学移民公司服务费: 5千美元 This is a ball park figure. Once your client is […]

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