David USA Education , as a family owned company, our bottom line is not just about money. We value our goal of bringing the right students to the right US institutions and always humbly seek to contribute to a more fair, conscious and ethical way to bring best value and education opportunities in USA to Chinese and other international students.

DAVID USA EDUCATION (DUE)was founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of LIU & DB Enterprises, Inc. headquartered in Lavista, Nebraska, to engage in the cultural, educational, and professional exchanges between USA and China, seeking to increase understanding in education from both countries and to promote internationalization of students, educators, and schools.

Liu and & DB Enterprises, Inc. has been a successful US business for over a decade that specializes in media packaging , electronic testing instrument, jewelry making products. US-China education exchange is an area where we see a strong growth down the road.

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DAVID USA EDUCATION TOP LEVEL COLLEGE CONSULTING SERVICES -美国大卫教育公司高端留学服务 学生通过2-3年时间参与有个性化的导师引导的项目,能够进入其满意的美国前20,50 或100的大学或专业读本科,同时获得受益终生的技能。 分析学生特点,抓住其特色,长期发展特质并且帮学生 • 展现领导力才能,比如社区服务,学生组织,运动,团体合作…. • 发展项目,突出学生的创业精神,创新能力,创造力,比如新的学生活动或俱乐部。 • 搭建他们自己的网站去展示自己的独创性和创新性 • 创作优秀文章以展示自己个性特色,独到见解,及语言驾驭能力。 Download PDF

My Vision – Brian Liu

I went into business with a vision, a passion and a mission. That vision has been my number one priority in steering my business. LIU&DB has the vision to grow its business in a sustainable way that is good for its customers, suppliers , its community and its founders Brian and Belinda Liu and family. It is a family business that is founded upon the principles of integrity, longevity and consistency. In the past 13 years of business, we have never waived a bit in our mission of providing great quality products and services to customers-both international and domestic.

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Omaha Chinese Cultural Association partners with Nebraska businesses, Univeristy of Nebraska system

An article published in the University of Nebraska Gateway describes Omaha Chinese Cultural Association partners with Nebraska businesses. Nearly 300,000 American students studied abroad last year, and five percent of them went to China, according to the International Institute of Education (IEE) data for the last year. In the wake of China's rise to the largest overseas trading partner last year, the state is building up both economic and cultural relationships.
"We all kind of look our for our interests," Joe Chapuran, international development manager for the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.
This partnership has led the University of Nebraska system to create several programs throughout China, and it identified as a strategic priority country by the NU central administration. They developed the American Exchange Center (AEC), an innovative project, which provides internships and staff positions for Nebraska's in Xi'an.
The University of Nebraska Medical Center agreements to extend support for visiting scholars and has a satellite office in the free-trade zone in Shanghai.
The growth has given plenty of work for local Chinese associations, including Omaha Chinese Cultural Association (OCCA).

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City of Omaha

Omaha: Welcoming, fun, and affordable.
Check out some of the recognition Omaha has earned in recent years:
  • #1 – Best Value City (Kiplinger.com, July 2011)
  • #1 – America’s Most Affordable Cities (Forbes, January 2011)
  • #1 – Best City to Raise a Family (Kiplinger.com, May 2012)
  • #2 – America’s Best Cities for Business (MarketWatch, December 2010)
  • #3 – Places with Good Jobs and Cheap Housing (Yahoo! Finance, July 2011)
  • #5 – Best Cities for Young Professionals (Forbes, July 2011)

Omaha is a vibrant, culturally diverse metropolis, offering big-city attractions in a safe, small-town atmosphere. It is the most affordable place to live in the United States. Our economy is strong and growing. Our downtown area and other unique commercial districts feature shopping, restaurants, parks, concerts, night clubs, and the finer arts. No matter where they are from, students in Omaha find food, friends, entertainment, and places of worship that make them feel at home. Check out all that Omaha offers in Housing, Campus, & Community.

Government Stats

评论 | 给力7不给力1 2011-09-13 15:57 nickalc | 九级 2008年美国政府的数据:

EB5 US Visa interview

中国大陆的所有移民类签证都是在美国驻广州领事馆办理,许多申请人对移民签证面谈感到担心,因为他们无法预知将会发生什么,或者担心在面谈窗口不能用他们的母语与美国签证官交谈。希望以下的信息能帮助签证申请人对他们与领事官签证面谈当日将会发生的事情预先有个清晰的概念。 许多申请人认为面谈当日他们必须尽早到达领事馆门口排队,但实际上所有的申请人都有一个约定好的面谈时间,因此没有必要在面谈前到领事馆门口久候。我们建议你最多在预约的时间前三十分钟到达美国驻广州总领事馆即可。进入领事馆时,你需要向安检工作人员出示护照和约见信,然后通过安全检查。记得不要携带任何禁带物品,例如任何形式的武器,移动电话和个人包袋。请参阅此网页(http://ustraveldocs.com/cn/cn-niv- securityinfo.asp 了解允许或禁止携带物品的详情。安检一般需要5至15分钟。 通过安检之后,请步行穿过庭院进入领事馆大楼,然后搭乘电梯至三楼到等候大厅。首先,你要到一号窗口取号,然后坐在A区等候被叫号及提交资料。电子屏幕会提示你到几号窗口,所以等待过程中请留意电子屏幕的显示。当你的号码被叫到后,请到相应的窗口向工作人员提交所需的资料。 资料提交完之后,请到B区等候签证面谈。同样地,在等候过程中你要留意电子屏幕的显示。通常从提交完资料|到面谈这一过程需要等候20至40分钟。当你的号码被叫之后,请到相应的窗口与领事官进行面谈。 深呼吸!领事也是普通人!一般情况下,领事会花几分钟时间和申请人谈一谈他们的移民签证申请。实际上和领事面对面的交谈往往是个简单的过程,领事会用普通话进行面谈。领事会先问候一下申请人,然后开始面谈。面谈时,领事会让你打指纹并宣誓。你需要记住的最重要的事情之一就是你已经发誓,所以你要如实地回答问题。如果没有听明白问题,不用担心,你可以让领事重复一遍问题,领事要确保所有申请人都有机会全面并诚实地回答问题。 签证面谈结束之后,领事会告诉你签证申请是否被批准了。如果被批准,领事会给你一张通知书,告诉你领取签证包裹的方式和时间。面谈结束之后领事馆会保留你的护照,并在印出签证之后把签证贴在护照里面。 如果你的申请被拒签,领事会向你解释被拒签的原因以及下一步该做什么。同时你也会收到一份中英文拒签解释信。在领事告诉你签证被批准或者拒绝之后,你的签证面谈就结束了。

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